Our Crafty Day

Our crafty day today, was partially inspired by the fact that our playdate cancelled on us to go to Legoland,  partially because Z and I love making things and partially by the fab prize on offer from Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club. I couldn’t explain to Z about the competition as he is most upset that he has not yet been on a plane, but I did tell him The Ghost Island story, which immediately caught his attention due to the ghosts and disappearing island. Somehow he turned it into pirate island, which is what he wanted to make.

We made the island out of play doh, and Z wanted to add a couple of angry looking lego pirates ( we’d moved slightly away from the story by this point ). The triangles are sharks by the way.

He then wanted to make a model of the island disappearing into the sea, and yes that was the end of my beautiful single coloured play doh.

Staying with the island and boat theme, Z wanted to make a ‘better boat’, we were lacking cardboard, so utilised the contents of the fridge to create this. Apparently it doesn’t have a sail ‘because its shipwrecked’.

Just because ghost island would not be complete without a ghost, we made a ghost. Z couldn’t understand why we needed string, ‘because ghosts fly’ was not a good enough explanation. To make the ghost we used a plastic cup, some string and a napkin. We made a hole in the napkin and cup and threading the string through it. Z then drew a face on it.

Z who is 4 and I had a lovely couple of hours making these while the girls napped, so thank you to Red Ted Art and Thomas Cook for the inspiration.

The Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club site looks great. There are games and activities for before you go away, in the airport, on the plane and on the beach. All of which look like lots of fun. Z would especially like the airport maps, as he loves maps. Definitely worth a look at if you are going away this summer.

If you want to see the other entries check out Red Ted Art.


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    Oh my oh my oh my! I LOVE your afternoon!! Looks like you had LOADS of fun! Love the Pirate Island.. the boat and the ghost! Things just get better and better! Hooray!

    And thank you for taking part in the challenge 🙂



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