Autumn Crafts

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year, I love it when the leaves start to turn pretty shades of red and orange, pinecones cover the floor and the smell of fireworks lingers in the mornings.

Z and S  like nothing better than going out on bikes hunting for pinecones, so I took them out to look for some craft inspiration.

We collected a big box of pinecones to take home.

We let baby H feel them and then thought about what to make. Z wanted to make a pinecone man, and S wanted to make a fairy. We found some glue, pipe cleaners and googly eyes and got to work. This is what we made. What do you think?

You could also make a pinecone weather station or some lovely autumn goo.


This post is linked to Autumn Get Crafty with the fabulous Red Ted Art, and The Nurture Store.



  1. says

    love those pine cone people. I must take Jack out to collect pine cones, I did it when Sam was a similar age & still have the pine cones in a bowl now.


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