Reading and Post it notes

The post-it note treasure hunt last week has led to the children finding more uses for post-it notes than you can imagine. My house is covered in little squares of coloured paper, each with a little drawing or message scribbled on it.

To continue the learning to read, we wrote body part names on some, and Z had to read them and put them on the correct part of his sister. Little S was quite happy to model for him, until it came to the one that said ‘chin’, we had to switch to a doll after that.

Here is Little S wearing Z’s pirate costume which is her current favourite outfit.

They had a great time, even managing to sneak one onto my back, which I’m pretty sure was still there for the school run :-). Z was having so much fun with the game he didn’t notice he was reading words that were new to him.

 Does anyone have anymore fun reading activities for me?





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    I have an idea in my head, but you will need to forgive me as it’s quite lame!! 🙂 Again using post it notes….. spell out a word using one post it for each letter, i.e. dog. Then have other letters ready to show the children how changing the first letter changes the word completely. (pictures may be required here) i.e. dog, log, bog, fog. I can think of others but they are possibly to abstract for young children… hence why i feel this is a lame offering!!! 🙂


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