Math Game – Tunnel Number Game

I can’t take all the credit for this math game, as I adapted it from one we play in Maths club at school. The game in school has 4 tunnels with numbers 1-4 on them, the idea being that you take turns to roll a marble through the tunnel’s adding up the numbers as you go, the winner is the first to 10.

Math game

We made more than 4 tunnels, used higher numbers and added a ‘minus’ tunnel. Z wanted to play that the winner was the first to 40.

Math game

Math game

We had to use bigger balls too, as marbles are a bit small for Baby H.

This game has been brilliant for practising mental arithmatic with Z, and number recognition with S.

 We also made this fun alternative with DUPLO.

Number Tunnel DUPLO

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    Ohhh J would love this – he won’t be up to the addition but I love that it will help with number recognition and can see it being adapted for letters, colours… ohhh the possibilities!

    Thank you for linking up with Tuesday Tots and hope that you will link up again next week.

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    What fun! Our littlest boys LOVE balls, so this would be a great way to begin to introduce them to math concepts while they play! Thanks for sharing your idea with this week’s Show and Tell on ABC & 123!


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