Lost and Found Eggs

One of our favourite books at the moment is ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. The story of the boy and the penguin is enchanting. The children were given the DVD for Christmas and it has been watched many many times. Even little H shouts ‘Penguin, Penguin’.

We didn’t start this craft intending it to be ‘Lost and Found’ it just kind of ended up that way. We did a penguin and then the boy and then followed up with the boat.

I did help Z with the painting, and the frame, but all the ideas were his, and he did all the cutting out himself.


My husband did the egg blowing part following the instructions on Red Ted Art. He actually made it look really easy, even though he looked a bit annoyed at having to do it. I was a bit worried the eggs would be very fragile, but in actual fact they were quite hard to break.



We were very happy with our efforts.


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    I love this! Oliver Jeffers is a favourite at our place too. My son would love this. I think we’ll give it a try. Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Kid’s Co-Op.


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