Monterey2 Expandable Booster Seat

My eldlest son is 5 and so has been in a booster seat for some time. For various different reasons I’ve never been 100% happy with either of the two seats that we’ve had previously.

Z has to sit in the middle back seat as his younger sisters are still in full car seats so its very important to me that he looks and feels safe and secure.

The Montery2 Expandable booster is fantastic, it feels very strong and sturdy, the sides are deep, reinforced and lined with EPS foam, which absorbs energy to protect in cases of a side impact.

The seat has a handy dial on the back which allows you to change the width of the seatback to accomodate for different shoulder widths, this means the seat can be adjusted to fit each individual child snugly and safely.

The headrest also adjusts easily, so you can be sure it is at the correct height for your child. The booster has ISOFAST attachments, these are small hooks which can be attached to ISOFIX fixings in cars. I have noticed that when Z is in the Monterey2 the seat doesn’t rock around as much as his previous booster which was just a seatbelt fixing.

The seat bottom is extra long for leg support and has lovely curved sides so is very comfortable. Z has been very happy sat in the booster, and he is not easily pleased. You can see from the photo how well protected he looks.

Z’s favourite feature is the retractable cup holders, these are very deep and even hold tall cups safely. My husband likes the pads underneath the seat which protect the upholstery of the car and I like the fact that it reclines so he can sleep easily on long journeys.


All in all this is a great booster seat, which we would definitely recommend.

To find out more about the Monterey2 Booster seat andย Dionoโ€™s range of children’s travel accessories visit their website.

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We were sent a Monterey2 Seat for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Tiffany Oconnell says

    The retractable cup holders are a great idea my daughter is always putting her beaker on the seat and it ends up tipping out everywhere


    Tiffany Oconnell

  2. Becci Cleary says

    The retractable cup holders – I can second that, theers nothing worst than trying to scrabble around on the floor behind you when you’re in the front searching for a bottle/cup thats been dropped ๐Ÿ™‚

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