Sponsored Video – TOMTOM presents unwrap the world

TomTom is launching a fantastic new online competition where you can win one of six amazing driving adventures for 4 people. There are also thousands of other prizes to be won such as TomTom navigation devices, Nike + sports watches and gift vouchers. One of the prizes available is the new TomTom VIA 135M, which has speak and go voice controlled navigation and hands-free calling. I love the idea of the voice controlled navigation, it sounds much easier than trying to key in postcodes and town names.

All you have to do is select a wrapped continent and unwrap it, once the whole route is unwrapped,  players can upload a their entry explaining why they should win. The most original and fun entry will win the competition. Would you create a song? or a story? a film? or something else?

The routes featured in the competition are: Ruta 40 in Argentina, The Garden Route in South Africa, The Grand Alpine Tour in Europe, The Malaysian Roundabout, the Australian Coastal Route and the Pacific Coastal highway in California. We’ve done part of the California route and it was absolutely amazing. I’d love to see the others as well.



Competition closes 15th Janurary 2013 and is open to people from the UK, Germany, France, US, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech repulbic, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Find the competition on facebook here.

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