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The lovely Annie gave me a lift to Kerry‘s thanksgiving service together with Helen and Helen yesterday. It was very clear from the service and the love for Kerry, that she has left behind quite a legacy and we got talking about how little thoughtful things people do for you can really make a difference. Which got me thinking about the things people have done for me.

A friend once brought us a shepherds pie after we moved house so we didn’t have to cook. I was so overwhelmed that she’d been thinking of us, that I’ve tried to do the same when friends have had babies, knowing that practical help is so much more needed than presents.

I remember going to see the doctor when I was pregnant with H, as I was feeling terrible with a headache I just couldn’t shake, she was so lovely and said she wanted to take me home and look after me. Just her understanding made me feel so much better.

More recently when Z entered his school talent show as a Magician and I was terrified, knowing that as quite a sensitive little boy it was going to be very scary for him. read my post and sent him a couple of new tricks. He was so excited that a real Magician had heard about him that it gave him and me a real boost.

Has anyone ever done anything for you that really made an impact?




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    I think it is so important to remember the little things and what people do for you. We went to Waitrose car park the other day and you have to pay for it as it’s just a small one, and there is an old man who must be about 80 who sits in the kiosk. I got to the barrier and realised I hadn’t got £2 on me. He winked at me and said ‘I won’t tell if you don’t’ and let me through. Its not much but its just about being nice to people. x
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    When I met Mr B I had been separated for six months. I mentioned in September that it was going to be my first Christmas without the children as I had arranged with my ex that we would alternate who’s house they spent Christmas in each year.

    Hearing this Mr B said nothing (he didnt have children so I sort of thought he just didnt get that parental pull and how much I would miss them).

    By beginning of December I was getting more sad about how I would spend the day, assuming he would be at his parents too. I mean, why would he not, we were not living together or anything.

    On December 22nd he announced that he had booked for us to go to Prague for Christmas. Flying out on 22nd and back on Christmas Day so we would be back on 27th to collect children and could have 26th at home.

    The most amazing thing that anybody has ever done for me. Not a little thing at all but it meant the world to me as he did get it, after all.

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    Yes, many many times but the one that sticks clearest in my mind was last Christmas (2011) when I was queuing with the girls in Argos to pick up some toys and an old couple sat next to us intrigued with the girls and well behaved they were.
    The old lady nodded to her husband and they gave the girls £1 each, I tried to refuse, not used to taking money from strangers but the couple insisted saying the good deed would return to them sooner or later. Her words struck a chord in my heart and I try, when I can to do good deeds too maybe they will come back one day?
    Thinking of you xx
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    When my mum died the women I barely yet knew in my sons reception class clubbed together and bought me a stunning apple tree in her memory.

    My little boy frankie wrote a story about his lego men and lego read it on his blog and sent him a topsecret box with a mission to build a lego hero. He was over the moon.

    Breastdeeding 2 hourly as my baby wieged just 3 llb, totally skint and feeling rough my hair straightemers gave up too. My best friends fdrove form wales to Nottingham with a brand new pair for me to cheer me up.

    It is the little things. I know its not enough but i am sorry for your loss take care of you xxxx
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    I think the most recent act of kindness is you yourself and Mary.

    As you and I had planned to journey to the service together by train from Stratford, you wanted to make sure I was taken care of when Annie offered you a lift.

    You therefore introduced me, thoughtfully, to Mary and she was so so very kind. Meeting me at Wivenhoe and bringing me back there after the Greyhound.

    I’ll remember for a long time how thoughtful she was, at a time when I was feeling very emotional.

    Mummy and the beastie said that Kerry posted Beastie some pegs to hold his artwork up. She was one thoughful lady, that Kerry, who will be dearly missed.

    If we can do anything to pass it on, how lovely she was, the world will truly be a better place.

    Liska xxx
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    A lovely post, thought about Kerry and family all day yesterday, sometimes a little kindness goes a long way, whether its the verbal word or an act, I try to be kind in all I do.

    I had a friend recently ask for my address and she sent me a book, I had another offering the same thing, I said no but I was so pleased to just have the offer amazing that both of these people I have met online one i have met once for 5 mins and other still to meet but simple things make me smile xxx
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    I was thinking of you all yesterday and of Kerry, hope all went as well as can do xx
    Good Question. When Mum died my friends took over, made a rota for childcare and casseroles, those things made a huge difference. Another one, I try to pass on blogging opportunities if I can’t make them, by offering other bloggers as contacts to PR people. Anyway someone paid that back hugely just before Christmas and a really exciting opportunity came my way, I am still pinching myself daily and it totally restored my faith in paying it forward.
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    When F was about 6 months I had flu. I felt so poorly but not ill enough for my husband to take the day off work. I’ll never forget how my neighbour came round and just took F from my arms and sent me to bed for an hour while she rocked my teething baby and entertained her own 2 year old.
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    I remember a simple hug after I had had Chloe. An older friend said well done you. It really resonated with me and I try to say it to others after having given birth. Afterall its bloody hard work!

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    Glad yesterday went well, I still can’t believe she has gone. So sad. Thinking about the nice things people do I will always remember the neighbour that made us cakes when we moved in, the lady that gave Rosie a flower just because and the friend that tided around whilst i fetched medicine for a poorly Daisy xxx

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    Hope all went well at the service. Was thinking of you all and Kerry. I remember my sister arriving at my house a few days before my finals with bags of snacks, ready-meals and old-fashioned bottles of coca cola to keep me awake and make sure I didn’t have to worry about cooking and could concentrate on revising. I was really touched.
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    I thought of you all on Friday xx The little things are so important aren’t they? I think my favourite though was my Japanese friend turning up shortly after the birth of my son with the biggest plate of sushi ever, she had realised how much I had missed not being able to eat it! 😀 She is now my son’s Godmother. Not just because of the sushi, although that might have something to do with it 😀
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      It’s funny what you miss when pregnant isn’t it? After i had H my husband went to Morrisons and bought me a huge steak that we had for lunch!

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    I think it’s small moments of kindness that we remember most of all. The one that sticks most vividly in my mind was when I worked in an office in London and my brother was taken seriously ill, in Lancashire. I called the hospital to be told to go there immediately, and not even wait until the morning – he was dying.

    I walked out of the office without a backward glance. The next week or so was awful but I remember my boss – not an emotional person at ALL – sent me the most beautiful flowers and a hand-written note explaining how close he was to his own siblings, and how he hoped I was okay.

    It’s those small moments that remind you, even in the midst of grief, that the heart of life is good, and that sort of thing – hokey but true.
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    There was someone who shared a blog with my wife. I had only met her once but she gave me so much support during some dark days. She continued writing the blog when my wife couldn’t putting extra pressure on her family life. She never complained or suggested she would n’t continue with this fantastic website of so much potential. She may think in the grand scheme of things this was ‘little’ but it was so much greater than that.
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      I’m so glad I helped Nick, although I didn’t do anything really. My aim now is to make Science Sparks a big success and make Kerry proud. xxxx

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    I’ve also been thinking of you all.

    That’s a lovely tribute to you from Nick too.

    I am also so grateful to so many people.

    When my dad died, I needed to get home to South Wales from Manchester straight away.

    I checked the train times and could only get as far as Cardiff.

    A friend of Dave’s drove in the middle of the night the three hours to Cardiff to pick me up and then the three hours back to get me home to my mum.

    When my Son was born and very ill, he was taken to Birmingham in an ambulance. My sister drove Dave and I to B’ham and over the next few months close family, family and friends all rallied to help us, driving the six hours to see us, give us supplies and eventually drive us home! 🙂

    Last year, when my son was knocked over so many people helped us, that I didn’t know who to thank first. From the lady who gave him CPR, the one who rang the ambulance, the kids who ran to my house to get me, the neighbours who took my kids and looked after them with no question, the people who stood at the end of each road to close the roads off until police came, the people who lay their best coats under and over my bloodied son, the police and ambulance were amazing, the ladies who hugged me and steadied me as I dealt with the situation. Dave was at work about a mile away and as soon I rang him he downed his tools and just atarted to run. Someone who had already drove past the accident now drove past Dave running frantically, put two and two together, turned their car around and gave Dave a lift to his son.

    On some days, I find just a little thing like a smile can make your day can’t it?

    I like to look out for ways I can help people too.

    Such an inspiration.


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      People can certainly be amazing in times of need, can’t they? Is is so nice to hear such lovely stories, but sounds like you have been through a lot. Hugs xxxx

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    It’s a materialistic thing but about a year and a half ago I did a Listography post about things I’d love for Valentine’s Day and one of the things I wrote about was a Links bracelet. Someone who I had supported a great deal and was a good friend of, but I’d never met, bought it for me and sent it to me to say thank you.

    Earlier I gave a mum a 50p piece for her son to have a go on a ride on.

    Both small fry, neither emotional or sentimental
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