When did you last go to a concert?

When did you last go to a concert? A lovely friend took me to see Britney Spears last year at the O2, we were in a box with food and drink, it was pretty amazing, even though I was gutted she didn’t sing ‘Everytime’, the atmosphere was fantastic. Prior to that my last concert was when I was 18 and went to see Pulp in Manchester.  How I miss 90’s Britpop. Happy days. 

I think I have some serious concert attendance making up to do! I’ll be telling my husband to click here and buy me some tickets. Rhianna would be good. I thought she was amazing when she performed on the X-Factor last year and her new song ‘Stay’ was on the radio this morning and is just lovely. The radio DJ said that she once asked a waiter what his biggest ever tip was and then she doubled it, so sounds like she is a pretty great person as well!

I have seen a couple of musicals in the last 10 years, namely ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera’, oh and lets not forget ‘The Gruffalo’, but I’d love to see more. Part of the problem now is that to go to a concert or show, I have to get into London which is expensive and time consuming. I need to live nearer a good theatre and have access to more and cheaper babysitters.

Its a shame my birthday isn’t until much later in the year and we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day. Perhaps I can hint as an anniversary present., it would be quite nice to do something together for once.

Who would you like to see in concert?

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