Drawing, shapes and counting

My two older children spend a lot of time drawing. Z likes to draw houses while S draws a lot of people holding hands. Little H tries to keep up with them, but being only 2 doesn’t have quite the same skills as her big brother and sister. To make things easier for H, I draw some shapes so she can just add arms, legs and faces. Today we took it a step further and I asked her to draw a certain number of legs or arms. This then became a great maths game.



She wanted some to have smily faces and some cross.

Math games


H loved counting all the arms and legs, and telling me she was going to draw ‘2 ears’ or 2 eyes’. We spent a really calm and peaceful half an hour together.

Next week, I might try a similar thing with my 5 year old, but ask him to draw legs on spiders to work out multiples of 8.

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Do have any maths games you play?



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    • says

      Awww thank you.

      I’m pretty sure Z and S were not drawing like H at her age. I really think its just because she sees them drawing everyday and tries to copy. xx

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