10 ways to play with DUPLO

DUPLO and LEGO are some of the main toys we play with, and so end up being used for more than just building. These are our favourite play ideas.

DUPLO play ideas


How about some printing using paint with bricks and people?

 painting with bricks


Or create a sensory scene with slimy Spaghetti. This was so much fun, and easier to clean up than the paint.

DUPLO spaghetti play


Then you could clean up with a DUPLO themed bath?  While in the bath you could work out how many bricks long your feet and hands are?

DUPLO bath


Make a game of  Guess Who, we used normal LEGO men for this with a big wall, but you could use DUPLO people as well.

DUPLO guess who


Do some simple sums. This is a great way for children to visualise what is going on as they start to do simple maths.

maths game


Add some sand for small world play. I think Buzz needs rescuing here.


small world play


Make a track for a Zhu Zhu pets or cars. This was brilliant as the Zhu Zhu pets managed to go around the corners themselves.


DUPLO track


Make some fancy patterns. You could also make some simple patterns with bricks in a row.


DUPLO patterns


Measure how many DUPLO bricks tall you are.

How tall in DUPLO


Build some towers and test how strong they are.

DUPLO tower


Build a famous landmark ( this is Big Ben )




We made some letters on a big flat board and then placed some paper over the top to make  a rubbing, it worked really well!

letter rubbing




Can you think of anything else we could do?


  1. Dawn says

    We recreated our new house with them and named the rooms when we moved, it helped our autistic son know what each room was and handle the change a bit better. Also he recreated Mario party levels.


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