Stone dominoes

Maggy at Red Ted Art set a stone challenge last week. You can see the google hangout here. I wasn’t at the hangout, but we were inspired to get some stones and play today.

Even though it was freezing cold, H and I put on our coats and boots and searched the garden high and low for stones. We were quite pleased with our haul.

First H lay them down in size order.


Then she drew around them, well actually she got cross that she couldn’t draw around them and asked me to do it. We also measured them.


I then set about making dominoes. As much as I’d like to pretend H made these they are actually mine.


H likes to draw faces on everything, so she made these all by herself.


She was desperate to paint the stones as well, so here is our joint effort of dominoes take 2.


What do you think?

Fun with stones



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