Half Term Muddy fun

I always look forward to school holidays, it is so lovely to take a break from school runs and classes. I love having the time to relax with the kids, without all the shouting and rushing around we usually have.

Of course I still have to get everyone out of the house or we’d go a bit stir crazy so we made the most of the winter sun at half term by having a few days out at our local forestry commission park. The kids loved it, especially because it was VERY muddy. I made the mistake the first time of not taking any waterproofs, even though we were all wearing wellies, the kids trousers and mine where very dirty by the time we’d finished, my car has still not recovered. I had to make a quick trip to Blacks  before our second outing to buy some. Having the proper gear made all the difference and it was so easy to peel off the waterproof trousers in the car and reveal a lovely clean pair of trousers underneath. Everyone was much happier, and much braver when playing outside.

You can see how dirty little S is here. Don’t be fooled by the T shirt, this really was half term, she just has this thing where she always wants to take her coat off even when its freezing outside.



We  spent the rest of half term playing lots of board games, going to the park, feeding the ducks, painting, making brownies and generally having a lot of fun.


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