New Tetley Tea

One day last week I was having a pretty stressful day, Little H wasn’t very well and the house was a mess as usual. I was just about to give up and put the TV on when the postman arrived with an unexpected parcel and for once it wasn’t for the kids, but was for me. Tea and chocolate biscuits, just the what I needed.

The first thing I tried was one of the new Estate Selection teas.

Tetley Estate Selection is something new and exciting from Tetley – it’s a distinctively fresh tasting, premium blend, bursting with aroma and rich tones. Tetley’s expert master blenders have carefully selected the best of Kenyan tea, handpicked at high altitude, creating sparkle and an intense flavour. Recently launched, Tetley Estate Selection is currently available from Tesco for £2.99 (soon to be within all major supermarkets).

These were delicious and definitely tasted a lot richer than my usual brand, I find myself savouring the tea a lot more than before as it feels like a real treat. I’d buy them again for sure.

Tetley tea

I haven’t tried the Tetley Green Tea Jasmine as I am not a fan, I plan to give these to my brother who loves it. Although considering the health benefits, maybe I should keep trying it.

You will often hear people talk about the many health benefits of Green Tea, including boosting your metabolic rate, but you may be opposed to its acquired taste. The experts at Tetley know how to make the taste of Green Tea appealing, which is why they have introduced two exciting new flavours to Tetley’s Green Tea portofolio, Jasmine and Mango and Passionfruit.

However, I do love Tetley Peppermint tea as I find it soothes my stomach which is often tied in knots by the end of the day. Tetley’s version was refreshing and tasted clean and healthy.

Tetley tea

Thanks very much to Tetley for cheering me up. The M and S Viennese Sanwdwiches were the perfect accompaniment to my lovely cup of tea and the kids were very impressed with the Chocolate Teacakes. Little S declared that she loved ‘Mummy’s Work’ that day.










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