Number Cupcakes

Little H is just starting to recognise numbers, she picks up so much from her brother and sister that sometimes I forget she needs to learn too, so I’ve been trying to think of fun ways for her to learn, while we do activities we’d be doing anyway.

These are our easy Number Cupcakes.

First we counted the cake cases.

Number cupcakes

When we made the cakes, we counted eggs, and tried to recognise the numbers on the scales.

Then we counted again as we filled the cases with cake mix.

Number cupcakes

Once the cakes were made, H set about decorating them with numbers on top.


Number cupcakes


What do you think?

We had such a lot of fun with these, I might need to get the mini smarties next time though, the big ones were a bit big.


  1. says

    What a clever idea Emma, I need to get Mads to learn numbers more. She’s so amazing at talking and advanced but when it comes to counting and numbers she’s just like her mummy. Terrible!

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