Top tips for organising your crafting materials

Today I have another great guest post about organising craft materials. We love to craft, so I’ll definitely be using some of the tips.

If you enjoy indulging an artistic streak through craft, you’ll be well aware of how messy making things can be. Glue, glitter, beads and all manner of other materials need organising for you to really get the most from your crafting.

Read on for some top tips to help you avoid a messy studio or workspace and maintain the calm, organised setting you need.

Invest in the right storage

Crafting is great fun and can be a rewarding hobby or job, and having places to store your materials is vital for a number of reasons. Not only will it allow you to keep your crafting area organised and clear, it will also mean you can keep track of how much material you have and provide suitable barriers to little hands that may need keeping away from some items.

The sort of storage you need will depend largely on the materials you use, where you do your crafting and how you want the area to look. If you use a corner of your home for making things, a tall unit with a number of pullout trays may be useful, making the most of the wall space rather than taking up too much of the floor area. Meanwhile, if you have an entire room or even a workshop, you could look at larger units like chrome or wire shelves – take a look at the selection available at Big Dug for inspiration.

Categorise materials

It’s worthwhile categorising the materials you use for crafts into a number of sections. You might decide to split things into boxes by their purpose, or group things together, so you could have rolls of coloured string in one box, beads in another and all the glues you use in a third. Alternatively, you might decide to keep elastic, beads and fastenings in a tub together for making bracelets, for example.

How you categorise your materials is entirely up to you, but having some order can save you time searching for things and also alert you to when some materials may be about to run out. You might want to work out which items you use most often and plan a regular date for reordering or visiting a wholesale store to pick up replacements. Keeping an inventory of your supplies is also a good idea, especially if you’re busy with other things for much of your time and struggle to keep track of what you’ve used, when.

Work out your habits

Whether crafting is something you do just for fun or for a job, you can use your time well if you work out your habits and use this as a basis for your crafting sessions. Think about things like when you craft, how long for and where you craft best.

If you use a specific room for crafting, do you find you work best when it’s light outside, or when you can be inspired by nature? If so, consider moving your workstation closer to the window. If you work intermittently, you’ll need a secure place for stowing away your materials when they’re not in use, so think about somewhere you can keep everything within relatively easy reach but not directly on show at all times.

How great are those tips? I really need to get more organised, all our crafty bits are mixed up in big boxes! It’s so messy.

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