Revamping a home with the spark of a holiday

Today I have a lovely guest post all about revamping your home. I know mine needs a big revamp, so I’ll definitely be using this for inspiration. I for one love Christmas and Autumn though so am not too bothered about the impending end of summer.

August is, all too quickly, coming to an end, which means the children will soon be back at school. However, it does mean that autumn is fast approaching. So long, summer trips away to different, maybe even exotic places. And hello to cooler weather, shorter days, and the impending stress that accompanies the lead-up to December 25th.

However, with the kids out of your hair, now is a good time to have a change of scenery inside. And what better way to revitalise the interiors than to sample from your travels? Whether it was a Swiss mountain chalet, an idyllic villa on the Adriatic or a cosy cottage in the Lake District, the places we stay on holiday are excellent sources of inspiration for redecoration back home. This is particularly true because we really get to experience these places – spending a couple of weeks sleeping in a four-poster bed, for instance, is a lot different to gazing at one wistfully in the pages of a glossy magazine.

Not to mention, those days home alone with an over grown lawn, sad-looking houseplants and a few inches of dust in your own dank quarters can be an utterly miserable experience. So why despair – instead of pining for another fortnight on the Med, how about channelling some of that luxury into your own residence?

Here’s a couple of interior design ideas to help bring that holiday spark back home with you.

Greek garden

Here in the UK, the weather has been surprisingly clement over the last couple of months – so maybe we’ll be blessed with something of an Indian summer come September (we can wish, right?). This’ll go some way to help alleviate the post-holiday blues, but it’s worth making sure you can make the most of the late-season sunshine with a revamped garden.

Consider taking inspiration from Greece to create an outdoor space that’s truly intoxicating to the senses – somewhere you can recline and really imagine you’re back in balmy southern Europe.

If you’ve got the time and resources you can go for an exquisitely manicured, landscaped garden that really plays up the classical influences, but even the humblest patio can be given a Greek flavour with a little work.

You’ll want to create a look that combines careful control, using a high proportion of potted plants, for instance, with the natural fecundity of a Mediterranean island nation. Pick up some Grecian-urn style planters and fill them with fragrant herbs like lavender, rosemary and mint – all famously adaptable to the country’s dry soil, but equally at home here in Britain.

If you’ve got climbing plants, consider using pillars instead of trellises to evoke the mystery and grandeur of an ancient ruin.

Moroccan living room

If you’ve ventured to north Africa for your holiday this year, you’ll no doubt have been taken aback by the singular beauty of the interior design there. In countries like Morocco, Berber and Islamic influences mingle with those from elsewhere – the result of centuries of trade, conflict and colonialism.

Moroccan interiors blend easy bohemianism with more formal furnishings like fretworked cabinets and lampshades. It’s a perfect style for the living room, being welcoming and impressive at the same time.

For an appropriate seating arrangement, liven up your sofa and chairs with vivid throws and pillows adorned with sumptuous patterns. A richly detailed rug will sit beautifully on a dark wood floor.

You’ll also be able to provide informal seating in the form of Moroccan leather pouffes – a mainstay of the country’s most cosmopolitan residences. For an extensive selection of pouffes in different colours, click here.

Mediterranean bedroom

Finally, one of the most daunting prospects after a holiday is taking a peep into the bedroom – being reminded of all the clutter you left behind, only with an extra layer of dust.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, consider a bedroom revamp that maximises the amount of light pouring in – just as you might have enjoyed during a stay in a Mediterranean villa, for instance.

A light, airy, Mediterranean-style bedroom should be characterised by a refreshingly rustic approach to decor that incorporates wrought iron furniture, wooden floors and beams, and even stucco walls. In regards to colour, almost anything goes – Spanish residences are often painted in vibrant colours whereas the Italian approach is more restrained.

Once those balmy summer nights kick in, you’ll want to illuminate your Mediterranean bedroom with a carefully chosen table lamp or two – casting a warm, localised light that lends extra dimensions to the minimalist space.


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