Things to do with Playmobil

The girls absolutely love Playmobil. H can spend hours lining the people up and making them talk to each other. It has been amazing for helping her imagination grow, I could watch her play with it for hours.

We’ve tried to be a bit more adventurous with how we play with it recently, here are some of our favourite ideas.

Make an outdoor garden.


How about a tent?


Counting practice?


 Make a raft and sail your people down a little stream



How about some messy play with some added letters?


H likes to make up stories, in this one the baby was taking a ride in the recycling truck.


How do you play with your Playmobil?


  1. Unknown says

    My 11 year old daughter still loves playing with playmbil with her 8 year old brother they have a whole city full of playmbil from Christmas and saving up they even managed to save up £50 to get a 2nd hand playmobil hospital on eBay


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