Our favourite way to spend a day

I’ve recently turned into taxi mum. Last thursday I did SIX different trips out of the house, all taking the children somewhere. It’s exhausting. So, on the weekends we like to spend family time together doing something simple.

Our favourite activity is to head into the woods exploring. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we scoot and sometimes we cycle, but we always find something new and have a wonderful time just being together. The kids are all ย happiest when they are outside, even if it’s just playing in the garden.

I took my phone today and managed to get some footage of our adventure and H learning to ride for the first time.


I hope it shows just how much we love exploring and how the kids make it fun for all of us.

This is my entry into the competition with Tots100 and Center Parcs.

I would LOVE to take my children to Center Parcs. We went to Longleat with Z when he was 9 months old and had a fantastic time, but couldn’t do many of the sporty activities as he was too little. I didn’t even mange to go on the water slides, let alone visit the spa.

We booked again with friends, but didn’t manage to actually go as Z came out with chicken pox spots the day we were meant to go. We were so disappointed.

If we went now with everyone, I know they would have an amazing time. Z especially would love to go on a Kayak, play tennis, swim and climb, he really would take the opportunity to try as many activities as he could.

Thanks to Tots100 and Center Parcs for this great competition.



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