Easy Hansel and Gretel Costume #BookWeek #FairyTale

How to make a Hansel and Gretel Costume for book week.


  • Two semi enthusiatic children.
  • One purple pinafore
  • One white school top
  • Two pairs of grey school socks
  • One white T-shirt
  • One pair of pirate pants ( stolen from another costume )
  • One pair of holey jeans
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Small bag or a pocket
  • Stones


  • Cut a few squares out of the old jeans.
  • Sew squares onto pinafore and white T-shirt.
  • When littlest child decides she wants to be a witch instead, tell her about the hours you spent sewing and the pricked fingers, then send to school as Gretel, but with spare witch costume in bag.
  • Voila, two exceedingly cute kids.

Book Week Costumes

You might be wondering how their clothes looks so sparkly clean? Especially those white T-shirts? I can tell you it’s all down to Ariel 3 in 1 pods. They have 3 separate compartments and not only clean, but remove stains and maintain brightness! I would 100% recommend them. They even removed spaghetti bolognese from two white school tops. You can find out more on the Ariel Facebook page.

Book Week Costumes

We were sent the Ariel pods and a T-shirt to test out.

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