Winning cakes?

Z loves food and cooking. I let him watch the final of The Great British Bake Off this week, he watched entranced by the pies and pretzels, but a little disappointed by the wedding cakes.

I’ve been encouraging constructive feedback on my baking and cooking, partly because Z gets upset if we try to tell him how to improve the stories he writes, so I wanted to show him that we can all improve on what we do and it’s ok to tell people how to make things better.

Last week I made these chocolate log brownie cakes, using my now almost perfect chocolate brownie recipe.

ย Chocolate brownies

‘Mum, if you’d made these in the final, you’d have won’

I might not be able to make pastry, or bread, but brownies, I can do.

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      Yes same here, I find it quite hard sometimes. On the one hand I want to big Z up s much as possible, because he is AMAZING, but at the same time, I do feel I should tell him if something is spelt wrong, or he needs help with his punctuation.

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