The Ukulele, the Ideal Children’s Musical Instrument

Today I have a great guest post all about learning the Ukulele. What do you think is the best instrument for kids to learn? What instruments do your children play and have you ever considered the Ukelele?

If you’re looking for a musical instrument suitable for children of all ages then look no further than the ukulele. This small guitar-like instrument has undergone another rise in popularity and is an ideal, inexpensive choice for beginners.

The four-stringed ukulele or ‘uke’ originated in Hawaii and dates back to at least the 19th century. This instrument gained wide-spread popularity in the 20th century and has recently rivalled the recorder as the most popular beginner’s instrument for children. The small size of the ukulele is ideally suited for children’s little hands, especially when compared to instruments such as full sized guitars. The uke is also an extremely portable musical instrument although there is a variety of body shapes and sizes available.

The ideal gift option

Giving a musical instrument to a child as a gift is a great way to spark creativity and help the child learn lifelong skills. Learning a musical instrument also helps children learn dedication, discipline and brings a sense of achievement. Playing music is also a great stress reliever and more than anything else, it’s a fun activity for children. If you’re considering a gift for a child then a musical instrument such as the ukulele will always be appreciated.

The soprano ukulele for beginners

The uke comes in four common sizes, the soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. At 14 inches and under the soprano is the ideal size for children to get to grips with. Ukuleles are available in a number of body shapes although the guitar-like figure of eight is generally the most popular. If you take a visit to your local music shop you will find a variety of styles and colours available; allow your child to handle the uke to find the one they feel most comfortable with.

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