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Before my kids started school, I always though nits was something that just magically would never happen to us. There were occasions in nursery when a text would come to say a classmate was infested, but we always seemed to escape the outbreaks. Until one day about half way through Z’s first year of school I noticed him scratching his head constantly one evening. I had a quick look, but couldn’t see anything, it was only when I was reading him a story I spotted them. The nits were WAY bigger than I’d imagined and typically my husband was out and the girls sleeping so I couldn’t even go out easily to get a treatment. I washed his hair with about half a bottle of conditioner and hoped for the best. The nits somehow survived, in desperation I dug out an old electric comb and despite zapping away for what felt like eternity it didn’t get them all. I gave up for the night, kept him off school the next day and bought some Hedrin first thing. It worked straight away. I didn’t know much about headlice treatments at the time, but chose Hedrin because it has no insecticides which I was worried about putting on my children’s heads.

The second time was a year or so later when I noticed every time I looked at H her hair was wild at the front from scratching, sure enough on not very close inspection she had nits, as did Z. This time we used the Hedrin straight away, followed by combing with a nit comb every night for the next week. I had good intentions of combing with the nit comb every week after that, but have been rather lax of late.

This video from Hedrin has reminded me that I should start again, especially as in September I will have THREE children in school.

For more information and to enter a great competition take a look at the Hedrin Facebook page.

Does anyone have an itchy head after reading this?

This is an advertorial post, but the story is completely true.


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    Oh my, I had several years on the trot when my eldest was young where we seemed to be in constant battle against these little critters – the only peace seemed to come in the long summer holidays where she wasn’t getting constantly re-infected at school! I have to say I swear by Hedrin – it was the first thing that came along that really seemed to work (even if it does leave you looking greasy for a couple of washes!), that combined with her moving up to middle school seemed to cure us and luckily they dont seem to like my boys hair as much!
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    Itchy head after reading? I’ve had it as soon as I saw the title. Eww nits, I’m so glad Amy hasn’t had them yet. They’re such a pain and the idea of having to sit there for hours and go through her hair just makes me die a little bit inside. It sounds so tedious…
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    Anyone else start scratching reading that post?
    Have to admit I hadn’t heard of this. We have (touch wood) only had them twice and both times I found it impossible to get them out (we found them as eggs both times) – and ended up just cutting them out. Thanks for this I shall remember it for the future.
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