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Sometimes my children ask for snacks all day long, which can be quite tricky to manage. I try to make sure they leave a good gap between meals, as my 4 year old in particular would snack all day and not eat at mealtime if she could. There is also the cost factor, healthy snacks can be expensive especially when you need to give out three every time so I need something quite filling.

Bananas, carrots and apples are always good, but my kids don’t always want fruit and no matter how much I buy in my weekly shop it all seems to disappear within a couple of days, especially with three lunch boxes to fill. I know a packet of biscuits is cheap and would cover a lot of snack times, but it always feels so wrong to give biscuits out as anything other than a special treat. I want to be feeding my children wholesome, nutritious food where I can, although I know this isn’t always possible and we do have our fair share of treats.When my children were younger we used a lot of Ella’s Kitchen snacks, in fact we still use them now. I love that they are generally multigrain or contain spelt or oats as well as other fun slightly unusual flavours, such fennel, great for keeping little tummies times satisfied for longer. They often come in smaller handy sized packs too, which are great for taking out and about.

What are your children’s favourite snacks? Do you buy snacks in or make your own?

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